• We are Dynamics Resources, a team of dedicated professionals specializing in Dynamics 365/AX ERP solutions.



Dynamics Resources. The Core of Our Service.

Dynamics Resources is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a VAR specializing exclusively in Dynamics 365 / AX / CRM. We know that no two clients are the same. We provide an array of Dynamics related services, from brand new implementations, upgrades, training, customizations, support, to Solution Audits (independent review of your Dynamics 365/AX environment).

Our professional services are always tailored to your needs. Each client approaches us with a unique set of problems and it is our job to work with you to find a solution. Senior Dynamics 365/AX experts work full-time in-house and are based in the United States.

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Continuous Support

Only pay for the hours you use! Our financial model allows your company to save money by eliminating the need to hire an in-house development team or recruiters. There are no long contracts to sign or expensive consultant fees to pay. Whether it be fixing bugs, adding new features, or general user assistance, the versatility of our specialists are guaranteed to meet your support needs.

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Transferring our Knowledge

At Dynamics Resources, we understand that training is the most essential part of the process. Our training is customizable to your needs and our experienced specialists are here to guide you every step of the way. Our specialists will provide professional on-site training for your Dynamics audience through carefully crafted presentations while maintaining constant communication for any questions or concerns you may have.

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Microsoft Partnership

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Dynamics Resources facilitates the delivery of Microsoft products, services, and licenses to companies of varying sizes. Though it is possible to reach Microsoft directly, there are certain advantages to choosing a Microsoft Partner that allow for more flexibility and are better suited to the evolving needs of companies that may include team-to-team financial management, customer relationship, and supply chain management support.

Flexible, Knowledgeable & Efficient

  • History

    We started with just a handful of people in 2004, but gained momentum and staff over time. Our workforce of skilled professionals continues to expand as we continue to help improve business processes of companies with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, and Dynamics CRM including Blackhawk Network, Ice Mobility, Wedgewood, Blain’s Supply, and ITW Dynatec to mention a few.

  • Method

    Overview of how we provide our Dynamics 365 / AX / CRM Services:

    1. Diagnosing the problem: Creating a plan and cost estimate

    2. Analysis: Finding the best way to migrate data and set up functionality

    3. Development: Checking system functionality before going live

    4. Deployment: checking system functionality and approving to go live

    5. Maintenance: Offering continual support to ensure systems run at optimum performance and reporting their status

  • Culture

    We believe in providing professional service exclusively from the United States to minimize complications and communication errors. Our top priority is your company. Our experts work to improve your business at the lowest cost possible.