Working with Attributes in AX
August 1, 2013

In AX, attributes are similar to .NET or java attributes. These are used to mark any method or class. To define…

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Exploring SysQuery class
July 29, 2013

SysQuery is a helper class provided by Microsoft for working with queries dynamically. It has all its methods set as ‘static.’…

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How to use .NET Business Connector
July 25, 2013

Business Connecter .NET(or BC .NET) is an API provided to access AX out of .NET code. This is one of the…

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SysOperation framework
July 20, 2013

SysOperation framework (or Business Operation framework) was introduced in AX 2012 as future replacement of RunBase/RunBaseBatch framework. The RunBaseBatch framework…

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SSRS tutorial
July 9, 2013

Description In this article I am going to explain how to build an SSRS report for AX 2012 that displays customer…

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Beginning Dynamics AX Tutorial Series: Understanding how to use Dynamics AX as an ERP system
July 7, 2013

In this series, we’ll take the role of a beginner and assume that a person has never touched an ERP system…

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