Dynamics in the Cloud

Choosing cloud solutions will allow you to use all of the features and benefits of IT systems while reducing costs of operation.

What is the cloud?

Quality. High quality products from the leading system integrator.

Accessible. Available 24/7 from anywhere with Internet.

Functional. Continuous development of functional solutions.

Scalable. Adaptable solutions based on your business needs.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform:

1. Secure storage – cloud optimization for storing large amounts of data allow you to reduce the cost of physical storage while minimizing risk of data loss 

2. Infrastructure as a service – rental cloud infrastructure has the ability to increase or decrease the amount of virtual capacity on demand based on business needs

3. Hybrid infrastructure – ability to combine your own IT capacity with the company’s cloud servers allows you to benefit from both empowering IT infrastructure and optimizing load. This eliminates the need to purchase new servers and the possibility of system failure

4. An environment for development and testing – a rapid deployment of a test environment on a cloud platform minimizes infrastructure cost and reduces 1-time project starting costs with a set of OS and project templates included in the standard monthly or yearly subscription fee

5. Redundant data center in the cloud – disaster recovery of key services reduces the cost of building or renting your own data center