When a company adopts a CRM system, it is the salespeople who are often most directly affected.
Dynamics 365 helps your sales-team sell smarter with infused artificial intelligence that’s known also as embedded intelligence.

What is embedded intelligence?

Embedded intelligence is a term for a self-referential process in technology where a given system or program has the ability to analyze its own operations. Embedded intelligence is often inherent in some business process, automation program or task-based resource. Using embedded intelligence, companies can get smarter about how they deploy technology in enterprise environments.

As a seller you will get recommendations and guidance at every stage of the deal with built-in intelligence, enabling you to stay focused on the next step to move deals forward.

Watch the video below to find out more about actionable insights sales capabilities of Dynamics 365:

The following 3 steps will help you start selling smart with Dynamics 365:

  1. Strengthen relationships with personalized and relevant interactions based on contextual, embedded intelligence that helps sellers exceed the expectations of modern buyers.
    Optimize email engagement
  2. Elevate your email communications with embedded intelligence that lets you know when and how customers interact with your emails, so you can be more proactive and responsive in your communications.
    Keep a pulse on social trends
  3. Find out what buyers are really thinking with social intelligence that reveals social sentiment and identifies potential competitive threats.


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