Comprehensive Migration Solution from SAP to Microsoft Dynamics AX

When companies are looking to switch to the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, they are most likely to evaluate the proposed ERP solutions based on the following five criteria:

• Functional Capabilities

• Front-End Interface

• Integration Capabilities

• Implementation speed

• TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Once the ERP system is implemented – properly and in a timely fashion – it will lead to higher productivity, increased employee job satisfaction and a high ROI. However, before the implementation begins, companies must choose wisely the best ERP suite for their business needs. Dynamics Resources SAP/AX solution offers a way to integrate and/or switch from the existing SAP ERP system to the Dynamics AX ERP system using the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2-tier Connector for SAP technology.

Dynamics Resources SAP/AX Comprehensive Solution

2-way communication between ERP platforms

SAP/AX solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX Two-Tier Connector for SAP foundation which allows for a 2-way communication between Dynamics AX and SAP systems providing additional benefits to the companies where SAP is a fundamental part of the enterprise line-of-business platform.

Better Financial Performance Visibility

SAP/AX solution allows for consolidation of financial information from customer subsidiaries using Microsoft Dynamics AX as the central reporting tool and a central SAP installation as a data source, thus dramatically increasing the visibility of financial performance across the entire organization.

Enhanced Supply-Chain Functionality

Using SAP/AX solution allows to conduct procurement with sourcing items and products from a business entity running on SAP, but with supply-chain processes being executed in the Dynamics AX environment. The updates are being reflected in both systems without the need for users to update and navigate through multiple user interfaces to track order or delivery process status.