Presenting HRX

Complete HR add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX 


Current HR functionality is difficult to maintain. Vast amount of information exists in many forms but are not tracked in a good central manner. Entering or maintaining worker records can be tedious and time consuming for the user, costing time and money for the organization.


Dynamics HRX extension for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is suited to expand flexibility of the Human Resource module with user guided Hiring, Movement and Termination forms in an efficient one form flow. Suitable for both large and midsize organizations requiring the latest in reporting, worker compensation, EEO, course tracking and much more.


• User defined features, forms and fields

• Critical guided hiring and key HR processes

• Compliance reporting

• Tax information tracking

• One system of records

New hire guide

Simplify your hiring process of employees and contractors with the New Hire guide. This guide takes the user through multiple forms where all necessary information is contained in one area, increasing productivity and decreasing the time it takes to hire a worker in AX 2012. Now you can truly utilize your Human Resource module with HRX as one system of records!

Termination guide

Have a high turnover rate that needs to be tracked?
The termination guide will solve this for you by validating your worker information and ending compensation or other information whenever you need to.

Move or transfer guide

Have a need to move an employee from one legal entity to another, or do you need to transfer a worker within the organization? Our Move/Transfer Guides will take your user in a flow where this is an easy task.

HR enhancements

Dynamics HRX allows your organization to utilize basic functionalities of the standard HR module while enhancing both user functions and today’s best practices. Human Resources is a demanding function that is meticulous and requires attention to detail. To effectively hire and maintain workers in Microsoft Dynamics HR Module, there are many areas that Human Resources must maintain:

Worker Identification

• Social Security

• Duplicate SSN Infolog

• Warning

• Driver Licenses

• Government


• I-9 Document

• Legacy Employee ID #



• Headcount

• Bonus Eligibility

• Worker Compensation


• Course Tracking

• Employee Birthdays


• Create Jobs

• Worker Compensation Code

• EEO Code

• EEO Subcategories

• Job Levels

• Employment Durations

• Re Hires

Leave of Absence

• Register LOA

• LOA Types

• Track LOA

Position Assignments

• Create positions on the fly

• Position Types Assignment

• Supervisor Assignment

• Position Hierarchy

• Temp to Fulltime

• Terminations

• Position Durations

• Movements


• Fixed Compensation Plans

• Pay Groups

• Pay Terms-Weekly-Biweekly-Salary

• Pay Rates

• ADP Interface

• Salary Deductions

• Bonuses

• Variable Compensation Awards

Tax Information

• Federal Tax

• State Tax

• Local Tax

• SUI/SDI Tax Codes

• Fed Marital Status

• State Marital Status

• Local Marital Status

• Tax Deductions


• Give credit for courses

• Schedule Courses

• Instructors

• Course Locations

• Deactivate Instructors

• Modify Course

• Registrations

• Maintain participants

• Course Gro