How Microsoft Dynamics AX meets the needs of retail warehouses

To have control, you need a real-time view of your business and products. And, with that control, you can have more efficient people and processes, a better handle on costs, happier customers and, ultimately, greater profits. Features include:

  • Buying
  • Replenishment
  • Order management
  • Warehouse and transportation logistics

Why Retail Warehouses are different? –  We need to consider this facts:

  • Storage design is different. Every single box needs a license plate
  • Sensitivity to efficient movement. Please review this figure:


Also there is a few questions related to Movement:

  • Do you support nested license plates?
  • Can we execute replenishments and putaways in groups or must we do each separately?
  • How do you batch orders into efficient pick tours?
  • How does the system figure out which pick to give a picker next?
  • Do you support interleaving of tasks?

Seasonality inspires many issues / features.


Can you support the seasonal starts?

  • Flow thru distribution
  • Prepacks or “Packages”

Can you support the replenishment stores?

  • Cluster picking of store orders
  • Packing merchandise into a box by area of store

Unique products & flow demand lots of functionality, review this figure:


Also with this complexity we need to answer this questions:


  • What functionality do you have for QC sampling?
  • Do you support inbound value added services, i.e. Prep?
  • How sophisticated are your putaway rules?
  • Can I replenish “off the dock”?
  • Do you support gift wrap and gift cards?


  • Can I limit who can pick in the High Value Cage to a select group of people?
  • How do you handle the personalization of products?
  • How can I set the cartonization rules so that hazardous & ship alones do not get mixed with other items in a box?
  • Do you support style / size / color?


All this scenarios Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 could handle with new functionality included out of the box with Warehouse Management.


Functionality for Retail & Warehouse Management:


What’s New on Warehouse management:

  • You can configure inbound and outbound intelligent workflows.
  • You can assign orders to clusters to pick from a single location, and configure profiles to control the validation and packing of items into shipping containers. You can also alternate between picking strategies for batch and non-batch items.
  • You can create, implement, and release work by using batch-scheduled or manual processing of waves.
  • You can set up cycle counting thresholds, and create ad-hoc cycle counting plans, schedule plans, and cycle count locations and items.
  • You can set up container groups to order the sequence of the packing process and create templates to support packing strategies.
  • You can use scanners or other mobile devices to optimize precision in the picking and put-away processes.