Customized interactive training goes a long way.

In the word of rapid change routine can equal comfort to many; thus changes in the corporate world when it comes to software are not always welcome. We are creatures of habits and changing those habits isn’t easy.

As an ERP provider, we have witnessed a variety of organizations across North America in numerous industries, specializing in different niches with complex business processes yet user resistance remains a constant.
Implementing ERP, be it Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or anything else brings a wave of a change to the employees, which is even if welcome, still can be challenging. Be it a new implementation or an upgrade; it requires the team to unlearn what they are used to and accept new rules that experts in the industry advise.

Our role as Axapta implementers (and yes, I am not afraid to call it Axapta because most of us have been implementing this product since Microsoft purchased it), is to understand how businesses work and translate it in the intricate world of ERP. The idea of an ERP is to automate processes, create workflows while improving business processes. So for someone who has been using excel for 20 years to do their job, it’s quite a challenge to put faith into a new package and stray away from old habits.

Understanding the in and outs of each business and translating it into the requirements is what real art of ERP entails. Gathering requirements, creating a backlog of everything to be executed takes skill & precision. However, it’s just not enough to create a healthy ERP environment.
While it’s essential to implement on point, on time and on budget, training the employees is just as vital to the success of any organization running Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or any ERP.

Interactive training is a great option to encourage users to start playing with their new system.

Interactive training is a great option to encourage users to start playing with their new system. It’s essential that they see familiar data, so it ‘s the right move is to make your Test environment your playground. Interactive training is conducted in the form of a lecture with hands-on exercises, and it completely eliminates the possibility of floating away during the training, which ensures that the team attending the training learns the material and that it settles in.

Make sure that your trainers are not theoretical, but are solid certified and experienced hands-on professionals who can answer any question that your audience might ask.
Great Partners will take the time and effort to customize training specifically to fit the needs of your organization covering only topics that are relevant. Check out curriculums provided and reexamine them. Add topics that include the scope of your processes and take out the ones that do not.

Once the team can freely navigate within the ERP system it will be exponentially easier to run your business and day to day operations. Also, having independence from your Partner long term is definitely a long term investment.

Take notes, ask questions and most importantly, enjoy your training!
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