How we understand Dynamics Support


Dynamics Resources implements not just reactive approach but also proactive and personalized approaches to help you optimize your ERP investments.


What to expect: dedicated and reliable management professional to work with.



Our Support Plans start at as little as

30 hours per month



· Troubleshooting
· Issue resolution
· Technical support
· Functional support
· Performance tuning
· System monitoring
· Maintenance
· Hotfixes
· Updates
· CU updates
· New releases
· Code promotions
· Azure support
· Upgrades




Weekly / Monthly services



Think of us as an extension of your IT department

At Dynamics Resources, we believe that support is the essential element that drives our clients toward success. Whether you are looking to optimize, upgrade, enhance or maintain reliability of your AX environment, we can provide a solution using Support Plan Pro.

With the AX Support Plan, you are protected by a dedicated team of reliable Dynamics AX experts that provide techno-functional assistance in all aspects of your AX environment. Dynamics Resources implements not just reactive approaches but also proactive and personalized approaches to help you optimize your software investments.


Understanding your AX environment

First things first.  We need to analyze and understand your AX environment so we can do a good job supporting it.  That is why we conduct a Complementary Solution Audit and relay all the findings to our support team.

  • Scanning interviews are conducted with key users to update and generate a list of business processes
  • Information about system requirements as well as functional and technical problems are collected
  • We conduct a performance analysis of the server and network infrastructures to ensure compliance with Microsoft requirements
  • Application and database analysis are performed
  • Current system modifications are analyzed to identify the possibility of replacing the modification with standard functionality and/or possible redesign when migrating to a new version
  • Key risks are formulated and recommendations how to manage them are provided
  • Limitations of the architecture affecting the empowerment of the system and its performance are identified

Solution Audit overview

Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution Audit is one of the Dynamics Resources services. Once you become a Valued Support member, Audit is the first step. It allows you to get an assessment of the current state of health of your Axapta environment and prospects for its future development. The service consists of a technical and functional audit along with an infrastructure audit.

The results of the audit include recommendations to enhance and optimize system performance as well as potential configuration adjustments to the servers. The outcome of the functional audit are recommendations aimed at increasing system efficiency when it comes to business processes.

Expected Audit Results

  • Optimization summary and recommendations
  • Independent review of your AX environment
  • Server and network infrastructure report in accordance with Microsoft requirements and best practices
  • Limitations of the architecture affecting the empowerment of the system and its performance are identified
  • Assert whether your AX environment adheres to Microsoft Best Practices
  • Outline of possible scenarios for future system development, estimation of their duration, cost and potential risks
  •  All Audit results are transferred to the support team immediately upon completion

Analyzing results

This is the step when we meet with your team to go over our findings along with time and cost estimates.


Protecting your AX environment

Once we go over Solution Audit findings, the data is transferred to our support team and we start supporting your AX environment.

What to expect

  • Prepaid Quarterly Support includes purchasing a block of hours during which our support specialists protect your AX environment (both reactive and proactive maintenance). Support starts at 20 hours weekly and can be increased.
  • We invoice you weekly for all additional hours.
  • Dedicated PM to communicate with. We can use your help desk system or ours.
  • Cost effective.
  • US based resources from our headquarters.
  • KPI reports / constant updates to you.

Comprehensive coverage

  • Troubleshooting, issue resolution
  • Technical and functional support
  • Performance tuning
  • System monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Code promotions
  • Hotfixes, updates, CU updates, new releases
  • Azure support
  • Disaster recovery
  • Upgrades

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What is not covered in the Support Service Agreement:

  • Your Licensing.
    You are responsible for your own licensing.
  • New Development.
    We would love to be a part of your new development!