Microsoft will be adding new capabilities to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) in several areas with its Fall 2018 release. The new agreements were announced at Summit EMEA 2018 in Dublin by D365FO general manager Muhammad Alam.

“It’s a really great time to be in Dynamics right now because of all the exciting developments that are going on within Microsoft and also within the market“, said Muhammad Alam, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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According to Aleksandar Totovic,the owner of Dynamics Blog, the main topic in the fall update will be Intelligence & Insights, Productivity & Usability and Adaptability trying to improve as more as possible performance, automation, support-ability and integration.

He was taking part in this summit and here’s what he said:

I heard a lot of amazing news here in Dublin on a Summit EMEA from Muhammad Alam (D365FO GM) and want to share it. We can expect the following features:

Finance / Public Sector Enhancements:

  • Enhanced reporting/inquiries
  • Budgeting enhancements
  • Encumbrance enhancements
  • Vendor collaboration enhancements
  • Distribution of interest accrued on cash balances
  • Vendor 1099 enhancements (US)

Revenue Recognition Management:

  • Revenue automation to comply with IFRS15 and ASC606
  • Support product bundles/kits: (software and maintenance, software and services, software, hardware and services, bundles of multiple elements)
  • Deferred revenue management
  • Revenue recognition schedules
  • Subscription & renewals
  • Revenue forecasting & reporting

Supply Chain Management:

  • Advance Warehousing: (advanced X-docking, catch weight integration,replenishment slotting plan, many more…)
  • Advanced Transportation
  • Retail Pack & Ship
  • Small packages
  • Material handling

Probably we will have more, but this is just the first list.

Based on these new features available within the Microsoft Cloud, it looks like Microsoft is planning on supercharging Dynamics 365 to create an unmatched platform for digital transformation. The community is excited to see what the future will bring. Dynamics Resources Blog will be watching this trend and updating this topic with latest news.


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