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Innovation, Change & Human Resistance

In the word of rapid change routine can equal comfort to many; thus changes in the corporate world when it comes…

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Press Release

Lana Vernovsky, the CIO/COO of Dynamics Resources (Microsoft Gold Partner specializing exclusively in ERP & CRM Solutions), has been welcomed into…

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Boost customer engagement with MS Dynamics 365 for sales

Every business works hard to accomplish one main objective: Get more sales! What differentiates the successful business from the not-so successful…

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dynamics 365 fall 2018 release
What to expect from D365 for Finance and Operations this fall

Microsoft will be adding new capabilities to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) in several areas with its Fall 2018…

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selling with dynamics 365
Sell smarter with Dynamics 365

When a company adopts a CRM system, it is the salespeople who are often most directly affected. Dynamics 365 helps your…

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app integration
Make Your Business Shine with Dynamics 365 Integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines CRM and ERP capabilities with the goal to ease integration of business applications into valuable and compelling…

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3 Main Benefits of Marketing Automation with CRM

The benefits of using marketing automation with CRM are endless.There are so many opportunities for marketing that prioritizing them can be…

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Choose the right version of Dynamics 365 for your business

In the era of digital transformation, the most successful businesses are already reaping the rewards by expanding on flexible cloud platforms…

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ERP Software Market
Overview: ERP Software Market by Deployment

A successful business today means one that can analyze data promptly, respond to customer needs in real time and deal with…

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5 things to know about dynamics 365
5 Things To Consider Before Using Dynamics 365

No matter in what industry your organization operates, customers are your most important asset and managing those customer relationships is the…

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