No matter in what industry your organization operates, customers are your most important asset and managing those customer relationships is the foundation for growing your business. A CRM (customer relationship management) solution can help collect, organize and manage all of your customer data, but an integrated CRM solution that is connected across all parts of your business from finance to operations, can do so much more.

Here are a few signs that Dynamics 365 ERP software just may be up your alley:

1. Connected Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution that combines both CRM and ERP capabilities into one seamless application. It removes traditional barriers and unites the front office and the back office with a single end-to-end system for managing every aspect of your business including:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Operations
  • Finance

Leveraging integrated functionality, Dynamics 365 enables organizations to connect their entire business. For example, a manufacturer can connect equipment across their factories, leveraging data from the factory floor to the finance team and across to the customer call center to improve every aspect of their operations.

2. Enhanced Customer Service

With Dynamics 365, customer service teams have the ability to not only react to issues, but are empowered to proactively identify trends and anticipate opportunities to guide the customer. Social engagement capabilities allow for automatic detection of sentiments and intent based on social posts.

Dynamics 365 gives service representatives the tools, guidance, and data they need to quickly and effectively resolve issues – all while delivering a more personalized, effective level of support.

3. Increased Productivity

Dynamics 365 makes employees more productive, because they have access to both the insights they need to make the best decisions and the tools they need to do their work. By combining ERP, CRM, Office, and additional apps into one, cloud-based experience on a common data model, you have a people-centric platform that makes employees daily work easier.

4. Easy to Use

Dynamics 365 is based on Microsoft’s new app market, AppSource, where you can easily search and find the apps that you and your company need. This makes the solution easy to understand and use. When your needs change, you can easily search for an app that can help you. Here are even more benefits:

  • User-friendly dashboards and visualization tools with the ability to create intuitive reports that can be easily shared.
  • Powerful, robust models allowing users to analyze data consistently across the entire organization.
  • Predictive analysis capabilities enabling more accurate trend analysis to respond to evolving market demands.

You will also get better product integration. Not only can Dynamics 365 offer you CRM and ERP integration, work done in Office 365 including Word, SharePoint and OneNote will be able to sync up to the system as well.

5. Data Consolidation

By consolidating ERP and CRM under one roof, Dynamics 365 opens up more possibilities in terms of data and analytics. If you’ve been wanting to jump on the big data trend and gather more insights on your customers, now may be the time to act.

All in all, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides great potential to streamline line-of-business, and allow increasing agility for companies, and reducing costs.

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